One Step Forward Life Coaching

Welcomes You 

Transforming your life and meeting your goals is one step away. Do you feel like it is time to move forward? Start your journey today and discover your full potential.


How Can I Support Your Journey to Success and Life Fulfillment?

Allow me to help you live out your full potential. I empower women to transform their lives through accountability support and  life transformations such as health, wellness/weight loss, habit/pattern modification, procrastination, stress/organization/time management, budgeting/saving and goal achievement. 


Life and Accountability Coach
Welcome, my name is Jamillah and I am your personal Certified Life Coach.


Support That Makes a Difference

Support your goals with a variety of unique coaching sessions geared to help you move past the obstacles in your life or continue on your current vision. Together, we will work to identify your personal values, strengths, abilities and areas for growth in supporting your journey. You can contact me or schedule a discovery session to see how I can help you develop different perspectives and explore the opportunity to achieve the outcomes you’re striving for and desire.