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When Was The Last Time You Took Personal Inventory On Your Life?

What Is Personal Inventory? Why Should I Do It? What Are The Benefits?

By Jamillah Fitzgerald

So, do you take time to do a personal inventory check-up on yourself? Do you know what that even means or why you should make this a daily, weekly or monthly part of your self-care regiment? This blog will help you find answers to those questions and get you on the road to taking more personal inventory on yourself.

What is Personal Inventory?

As we think about personal inventory, it is truly a form of self-care and can become a vital part of our physical, mental, spiritual growth and well-being. Personal inventory is an assessment of your daily, weekly, monthly habits, values, morals, growth and goals. Furthermore, it is given by you for you. This encourages and challenges you to think deep and examine yourself from time to time with honesty.

Why Should I Do It?

In the midst of leading pretty busy lives, we can get overwhelmed with work, school, home, personal and relationship obligations. So, taking personal inventory will give you a chance to identify your current position in life, make changes, encourage personal development and it can give you insight into your life in the present moment.

"Make sure you're moving in the right direction" - Jamillah F.

What Are The Benefits?

I believe this is the best part, the results of taking personal inventory.

  • Clarity

  • Goal achievement

  • Growth

  • Identifies strengths and areas for growth

  • Life balancing

  • Challenges you to work harder

  • Promotes happiness and self-awareness

  • Encourages change

Now it's time to use personal inventory as a self-care tool in your life. This can be done as often as you like and don't be afraid to think deeper, gain insight and make changes as needed.

Thanks for Reading

Coach Jamillah F

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